“Big Brother will be wrist-watching you”
January 24th, 2003

In this case Big Brother is Bill Gates, and he’s reaching for your wallet, not your brain. Or maybe both. Microsoft wants to put Windows in everything that has a computer chip, which means that the objects in our environment will be wired, if not “smarter.” (Think about it: “Honey, the sewing machine just crashed, and I can’t get it to reboot!”) What’ll be next?

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Don’t get too excited, at least not yet, about the “wireless watch.” It will take a lot more than just talking about it to create a viable network. For one thing, trying to get people to pay for generic news, sports, weather, etc. is probably doomed. For another thing, FM radio subcarrier networks are probably inferior to existing paging and cellular networks. Microsoft can do a lot, but its business model needs to be reworked. This is hope, though, if MS thinks more in terms of “fun” than business apps. If you want more analysis, check out what I wrote:




2 - Howard

Thanks, Alan!

3 - Jon

I’m not holding my breath for Microsoft to think more in terms of fun!