Total Information Awareness Action Alert
February 5th, 2003

The Center for Democracy and Technology Has issued an action alert regarding the Total Information Awareness Program. Last month, the Senate adopted the Wyden amendment, temporarily blocking funding for the program, but now the Pentagon is pushing the House, which has not passed the amendment. CDT has set up a special web page “where concerned citizens can find out who their Members of Congress are, with phone numbers, to call them and urge themto put some limits on TIA until basic questions about its effectiveness and privacy implications are answered.”

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1 - Trajidy

It seems this technology is not feasible from a technological standpoint let alone a democratic one. It’s scope is too big. Can it really be done?

2 - Howard

Commercial datamining is well developed. As I’ve posted before, the key is not what can be done right now, but what can be done in three, five, ten years of well-funded research under a legal mandate.