Location-aware recommendation system
February 19th, 2003

Datamining can be panoptic if it is dataveillance — the State or commercial enterprises using computational techniques to establish and track dossiers from myriad tiny bits of information about individuals. Datamining can be empowering if there is a means for individuals to control it ‚– to sift through their own interactions with digital information to track and use it for their own purposes. And smart mobs can be empowered by properly-monitored recommendation systems. However, nobody has the time or patience to spend all day tracking and setting their data preferences, which means that some kind of intermediary will be necessary. If Steve Mann is right, and wearable computing can empower individuals to gain control over the digital information around them, while “intelligent environments” snoop on individual behavior on behalf of unseen and unknown sponsors, then the development of trustworthy datamining agents will be necessary. This paper by two researchers at Italy’s Universit a di Trento, proposes a “location broker and mobility-aware recommendation system” that could be a step toward such a solution.

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