IBM portal takes dictation
April 30th, 2003
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Paul Festa says that IBM has introduced software that enables its Web sites to take dictation.

The software is a set of Java application programming interfaces (APIs) that lets developers create what IBM is calling a transcription portlet, which transcribes words spoken through a telephone or other voice application. The idea is to let people dictate information through a phone line, to have that information transcribed into text and then to have Internet-based applications act upon the dictated text.

The transcription portlet, released April 17 and available as a free, trial download, is based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard called VoiceXML, an Extensible Markup Language dialect. The W3C in January promoted VoiceXML to candidate recommendation status despite quarrels over intellectual property.

The CNET article adds that the vocabulary of this new software was in the “hundreds of thousands” of words.

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