Is That a Computer Chip in Your Carpet?
May 6th, 2003
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In this article from IDG News Service, John Blau writes that Infineon has created a smart fabric that could offer help in an emergency.

Researchers at Germany’s Infineon Technologies have demonstrated how a self-organizing network of chips woven into large textile surfaces, such as carpets, could someday be used to monitor buildings, provide directions in an emergency, and more.

At the company’s Emerging Technology Lab in Munich, the research team showed how robust chips embedded into industrial fabrics in the form of a checkerboard are able to monitor temperature, pressure, vibration, and motion. The “intelligent” fabrics could, for instance, be used as motion or fire detectors.

Check this column for more details about this “intelligence by the meter” concept including how it works. You’ll also find some pictures, like a wearable MP3 player, and other references.

You also can read a former column about Infineon’s wearable computers, “Normal Clothing with Electronics Sown In?

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