Flashmobbing Along
September 9th, 2003

Flashmob activity continues apace in many parts of the world. However, “Bill” in New York has apparently announced the Last NYC Flashmob for Wednesday, September 10.

It can’t be explained. Like the individual mobs,
the Mob Project appeared for no reason, and like the
mobs it must disperse.

Let us all salute “Bill” for his creativity and drive in sparking this global phenomenon.

* * *

In Paris, it is another story. Flashmobbing continues apace, with this surprise flock at the Pompidou Center. Or, as this photo from the organizers shows, the “Pot-Pidou” Center.

More photos and video from this event are available.

Thanks to the parismobs.free.fr folks, and L01c!

* * *

Don’t miss this great article about a Flashmob in Melbourne.

Thanks, Janette!

* * *

Whether Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury Flashmob for Howard Dean strip was intended to be purely whimsical or not, the nimble Dean campaign is is running with it.

Requests: Please dress either as you would for a job interview, or in a Dean T-shirt. Also, please be alert for the security of the event, we want to make sure it reflects positively on the campaign. Dean Corp opportunity: Bring a nonperishable food item/s to donate to Northwest Harvest. The coordinator will be responsible for collecting the items and taking them to the donation site.

* * *

There is a serious effort to launch a Global Flash Mob spanning hundreds of cities.

Don’t miss the nifty illustration of the Global Flash Mob effect.

Thanks, outARK!

* * *

Note to British Mobbers: Kate Allan is interested in filming a documentary about Flashmobbing in the UK.

I’m an experienced filmmaker, who’s directed documentaries for Channel 4, and would really like to do something slightly different. You may already have received a lot of requests but I’d love to hear from anyone who
might be organising a flashmobbing event or would be happy to talk to more generally about the flashmobbing idea.

* * *

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