PeerGarden: a P2P radio set
November 6th, 2003

A Japanese company has announced [Ed. Japanese page] the development of PeerGarden, the first radio that utilizes Peercast P2P radio broadcasting technology. The device allows a listener to receive streaming radio without using a computer.

For those who do not know, Peercast is an open source application that allows anyone to run an Internet radio station via regular web connection.

Peercast essentially is a streaming server just like ShoutCast or IceCast. You can install it, stream some audio to it, and let other people tune in to your stream. However, there is one big difference: PeerCast is P2P enabled. P2P means “Peer to peer”, which in the context of networked applications means that everybody running it is connected in one big, decentralized network. ShoutCast and IceCast use the traditional client/server paradigm: many clients connect to a central server. In the PeerCast network, everybody is client and server at the same time.

Peergarden (the radio) will be shown at the Embedded Technology 2003 trade show this month in Yokohama, Japan.

(Via Kokoro)

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