Snowboarding Jacket Features Built-in MP3 Player
January 16th, 2004
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During your next European ski vacation, you’ll be able to listen to an MP3 player and give important phone calls on the slopes, thanks to a new snowboarding jacket.

The snowboarding, gadget-loving crowd have something to celebrate: The European division of sports gear retailer O’Neill will sell a snowboarding jacket with an MP3 player and a Bluetooth module, for those all important mountaintop mobile phone calls, integrated into the jacket.

The snowboarding jacket, called The Hub, features a chip module containing a full-featured MP3 player and a Bluetooth module for controlling a mobile phone, built by Infineon Technologies. Electrically conductive tracks woven into the fabric connect the chip module to a fabric keyboard and built-in speakers in the helmet, Norbert Pollemans, a spokesperson for O’Neill Europe, says.

The jacket will be sold throughout Europe for about $638 by the end of August or the beginning of September, for O’Neill’s 2004/05 winter collection, Pollemans says.

The Hub will not be sold in the U.S., at least for the moment.

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