SMS messages become embroidered
July 29th, 2004

UK-based artist Kate Pemberton describes how she’s been working on a project called SMS (short message samplers) these are embroidered picture messages used on mobile phones. There will be 30 framed embroideries in total when completed, all hung together in a grid. 25 have been stitched to date. I have uploaded 10 finished ones into the catologue as a new series. [ via†].

halloloser.jpg Kate says: “Texting is quick and has [largely] replaced the act of sending a card — Happy Birthday images for example. If something is stitched by hand by the message sender, there is a lot of emotion attached… someone has stitched feelings there, using up much time and patience. Texting is flippant… however we may be more likely to send texts to people who we may not send cards to!

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