EmoteMail project: email with facial expression
July 30th, 2004
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EmoteMail project is an email client that conveys context and tone made by Jussi Angesleva & Carson Reynolds (Media Lab Europe & MIT Media Lab). You can have more information and download it there.

“EmoteMail is an email client that is augmented to convey aspects of the writing context to the recipient. The client captures facial expressions and typing speed and introduces them as design elements. These contextual cues provide extra information that can help the recipient decode the tone of the mail. Moreover, the contextual information is gathered and automatically embedded as the sender composes the email, allowing an additional channel of expression.
Instead of dynamically modifying individual characters, EmoteMail relates contextual cues to each paragraph. The prototype uses a camera and a timer as sensor inputs to capture additional information relating to the paragraph. Reminiscent of the commonly used smileys, the EmoteMail client annotates every paragraph with a small black and white thresholded image of the face of the writer. Each paragraph also includes a background colour representing how much time the paragraph took to compose. If the sender changes their facial expression (perhaps as part of an emotionally meaningful communication) then the small camera grab beside each paragraph reflects this. By capturing a snapshot of the face of the writer with every paragraph, the system attempts to display the fluctuation of the emotions throughout the message, rather than attempting to summarize the whole message as a certain mood (…).”

You will find also a complete article about EmoteMail in .pdf there.

(Via It’s 6:19. Do You Know Where You Are).

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