Virtual Sculptors Software
July 30th, 2004
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The tactility and intuitiveness of physical sculpting is now being replicated in the virtual world.
“…Until now, virtual shapes could only be sculpted via keyboard and mouse input to define “splines” or similar mathematical objects that determine a curve’s shape, but have nothing to do with sculpting. More recently, haptic feedback devices have arrived that offer a more direct relationship between the hand and a virtual object, but they still lack the naturalness of hand-shaped clay…” ModelGlove “…enables a designer to sculpt virtual clay using exactly the same hand motions and sculpting skills used with real clay. In fact, a real piece of clay is a part of the setup. A designer puts a block of real clay in front of the computer, puts on the glove and starts sculpting the clay. The on-screen virtual block responds via the ModelGlove, which records the force exerted by the hand when depressing and shaping the real block of clay. The glove communicates the motions to the computer model…” EETimes

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