RFID in Korea: u-City
August 31st, 2004

Korean authorities are talking about u-City (Ubiquitous City) reports RFID Japan.

“Ubiquitous City is an intelligent next-generation city based on u-IT (Ubiquitous Information Technology.)

Examples of u-IT include RFID and wireless internet technologies. One of the first efforts to build u-Cities is the development of the convention center district in the Korean city of ChanWon.

In a u-City, RFID would be used in the following ways:

– Automated parking system
– Vehicle identification
– House keys
– In-store services: product information, tailor-made clothes, fashion news
– Automated checkout in retail stores
– Attach RFID tags to sewer pipes to manage waste water
– Track locations of vehicles, children and pets.

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