Pensioners join the www revolution
September 1st, 2004
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Swansea council (UK) opened an internet café in March for pensioners to keep in touch with family around the world and to surf the net.

The Yahoo! Mail Internet Café contest awarded it a Special Mention as the café “proves that age isn’t a barrier to joining the www revolution.

The pensioners can even join in events like family parties and weddings via a web cam.

Following the success, the council is looking at opening more cafés in residential centres across the city.

From BBC News.

The MyPostie project has adopted a different approach. This touchscreen kiosk, tested at a retirement village in Australia, allows older people to communicate electronically.

The kiosk does not have any keyboard nor mouse, just a touchscreen, flatbed scanner and printer. It relies on a virtual private network.

People write a letter, swipe their ID card and scan their handwritten letter on the kiosk , and it is then delivered as web mail. They can in turn receive emails from family and friends, and have them printed out.

From Australian IT.

I just can’t help mentioning here the prototype of a typewriter that sends email created by Indian artist Aparna Rao who was inspired by her mother’s frustration with e-mail and using a computer.

To make emailing as easy as writing a letter, Aparna inserted inside an ordinary typewriter electronics that automatically sends the typed letter as an email to the intended person: through the use of various sensors concealed in the body, a small chip interprets all the mechanical operations of letter writing. When the letter is finished and the paper pulled out of the typewriter‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚àö¥s carriage, the email is sent via a telephone cable that fits into the back of the machine.

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