RSS protest
September 1st, 2004

Artists and activists from The Screensavers group are organising a multimedia protest between users in New York and Europe during the RNC through an interactive Web-based art project. Using RSS feeds of blog text, video clips, audio samples and photos from a mix of Web sites, the artists use a software they’ve developed that allows multiple users to post images, sounds and text within a shared real-time environment. The Screensavers can then manipulate what images pop up and in what order and type in text that appears over the images that appear on a screen mounted on the roof of a truck.

During the performance, called RNC Redux NYC 04, audience members can add to the mix using SMS, AOL IM, and webcams.

Screensavers is running RNC Redux NYC 04 every night at 8 – 11pm New York and 8 – 10pm Ohio, till Sept. 2. Viewers can tune in over the Web or catch a live performance on the streets of New York.

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