Hong Kong SMS
September 29th, 2004
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David Brake points to an article on mobile phone penetration in the Asia-Pacific region with statistics on SMS throughout the region:

The TNS Asia Telecoms Index shows only 43 per cent of Hong Kong cellphone users use short-messaging services (SMS), the lowest penetration rate in the region. Those who use SMS only send 23 messages a month, well below China’s 124, Vietnam’s 136, Singapore’s 219, and 466 in the Philippines’ top three metropolitan areas.

“Hong Kong was relatively late in introducing inter-operator SMS, which explains why SMS usage lags far behind other countries,” [TNS Hong Kong Associate Director Stephen] Yap said.

“With the cost of voice services ever decreasing, SMS represents an important revenue channel for operators… Moreover, SMS has been shown to be a gateway to migrate users to adopt other data services,” Yap said.

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