The school and the mobile
September 29th, 2004

This article says that hundreds of high schools across the U.S have agreed to relax their rules about cell phones in schools as “trying to keep them out of schools would be like trying to enforce a ban on lip gloss or combs.Over the last two years, more than half a dozen states, including Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan and Nevada, and numerous individual school districts,have either abolished or relaxed their bans.In June,Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida signed a law, based on a proposal forwarded to the Legislature by a group of high school students,to no longer make possession of a phone in school a felony and leave punishment up to counties.Since July, half of Kentucky’s districts have rescinded a ban on outright possession.”There’s a feeling across the land that it just ain’t a big deal anymore,” said William Scharff, president of the American Association of State Policy Services, a national association of school boards.”More and more states are taking a liberal attitude towards kids carrying phones.”
School cell phone bans topple

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