Wearables in South Korea
October 28th, 2004

At a two-day exhibition in the COEX convention center in southern Seoul the latest in wearable computers has been on display.This article reports that “The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute presented a “human body communication system,” which enables people to use their bodies like telecommunication wires.For instance,in the act of shaking hands,two people could exchange their business cards or basic information about themselves”,while “MicroInfinity presented a three-dimensional input device that reads words that are written in the air with a special pen.The words are then converted into a document format”, and a “joint team from Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon University and Hoseo University presented a computer system that can respond to sight, sound, taste and touch.For example, upon command, the computer will emit four aromas: lemon, lavender, rose and sugar.”Integrating this system with other programs, one can store scores of different smells and send them as well,” said Kim Jung-do, a professor at Hoseo University”.
Event shows computers that act like a second skin

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