October 31st, 2004
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(Thanks Hylton Jolliffe).

Jules Urbach is developing a technology he is calling “Otoy” for MMOG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) using Instant Messaging technology, that creates simple games with a small memory footprint. The goal apears to be to make small and instantly launchable games that allow massive amounts of players, but that don’t have the complexity of many current MMOG’s:

True, you can already bring fellow IM-ers into various games, but typically small games. True, you can already engage in IM-like activities in the big blockuster MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games.. sometimes better known as MMORPGs if you include the RP=Role Playing), epitomized by Everquest and Asheron’s Call: these games involve hundreds of thousands of participants, but necessarily there are a much smaller number on your personal radar screen at any moment.

The cool thing about Otoy, …, is that it would allow simple ‘massive crowd’ games (think of a Mexican wave in a big stadium)

[via Corante’s “Get Real” Blog]

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