Self-Building Robotic Brain
November 25th, 2004

Robotic Society recently reported on the imagination-engines self building robotic brain,
“…watch neural networks spontaneously connect themselves in a matter of seconds into the neural circuitry required for extremely ambitious robotic brains…The resulting neural network architecture both resembles and functions like a brain, a collection of individual neural networks fused into a contemplative system that can form complete models of their worlds, consider alternative scenarios, and finally choose that alternative best suited to a given problem. …Thaler(Stephen Thaler) quickly points out that the neural circuitry developed through genetic programming are only “reactive.” They are tantamount to reflex reactions in the brain or spinal chord wherein a stimulus simply triggers a response. The self-forming brains of IEI’s robots are entirely different. Like human brains, they think, experiment, and automatically perfect their behaviors to produce downright unexpected results, what can only be called creativity…”

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