Dumbing Down a Smartwatch
November 30th, 2004

Human memory is imperfect, so an RFID-enabled smartwatch that keeps track of the easily lost items in your world could be a boon. The tricky part is making sure the watch doesn’t remember everything.

At his lab in Seattle, Gaetano Borriello and his University of Washington team have built a working prototype of a smartwatch that operates using radio frequency identification tags to help people keep track of their stuff. The device is destined to become an application for the memory-challenged but is being designed with privacy rights in mind.

Here’s how the smartwatch works. When a tagged item passes a reader, the reader recognizes the item and sends radio energy to a personal server that checks it off the list of items present. If the item is missing and is part of a group of items programmed to be present at a given location, the watch will beep a warning that the item is not present, reminding the user to retrieve the missing item.

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