Use Your Walls to Control Your House
November 30th, 2004

In a brief story named “Anywhere Interface,” Technology Review writes that a small French company, Sensitive Object, has found a way to turn any rigid surface into an interface for all kinds of electronic devices.

The technology involves only very cheap sensors and a process named “time reversal acoustics.” When you tap on a surface equipped with the technology, you can use up to 544 ‘virtual’ keys to start your heating system, type your e-mails or stop the DVD player. In retail stores, you could ‘click’ on a mannequin to find the price of the clothes.

The Register (“Keyboards are old — tap tables to send email“) and the New York Times (“Knock 3 Times on the Ceiling (to Turn on the DVD Player)“) also published stories about this interesting technology. This summary contains selected details from these different sources.

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