A is for Amazon. P is for Paris Hilton?!
December 11th, 2004

By web standards, this is old news: Google has launched Google Suggest. Though not ready for primetime, Google Suggest offers a fascinating glimpse into our collective desires on the web.

Think of it as an autocomplete zeitgeist for your browser. Each keystroke you enter subdivides billions of the world’s most popular requests to a specific handful for you. Google Suggest does not offer predictive searching for you, but predictive searching for us.

That’s why when you type the letter “A” it first suggests “amazon” and when you type “P,” you get “Paris Hilton.”

You might not have been looking for Paris, but it’s what most of the world ususally is looking for.

In that way, Google’s implementation of Suggest might not be perfect, but their intent is. Google continues to tap into the power of smartmobs, trying to help us help ourselves with the word that’s stuck on the tip of our collective tongue.

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