SMS from the tsunami zone
December 30th, 2004
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ChiensSansFrontiers blogs the texts of SMS messages from blogger Morquendi, a TV producer in Sri Lanka.

The Holy Family Convent, children’s home and school are completely destroyed. Debris covers the entire compound and the stench of rotting flesh is everywhere. There are obviously bodies under the rubble. There’s no one to remove them. Mother Superior Ambrosine covers her nose as she tries to salvage what she can. She hasn’t slept in 3 days.


At the Senthalil children’s home in Mullaitivu, only 5 of the 150 are alive. Wrought iron beds are wrapped around coconut trees. The strength of the wave is unimaginable. Kids paintings hang from trees in the neighbourhood. In the garden, among toys I found a photo album with their photographs. They were all orphaned by the war. The home was their second chance.


All those who can help SHOULD help. All of us working to provide aid let’s not waste time at religious ceremonies tomorrow. Praying’s not going to help anyone right now. Let it not disrupt our work. EVERY MOMENT COUNTS! Saving lives IS god’s work. We can pray later! Keep the food, water, clothes, and medic *SOME TEXT MISSING*

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