Selling Blogvertising on eBay
January 29th, 2005

Blogger Russell Buckley of The Mobile Technology Weblog has taken blog advertising to its next logical step: selling blog ad placement on eBay.

As an experiment, he is doing just that, offering a month of premium banner placement on the auction site.

Advertising on blogs is going to be the next big thing, in my opinion. It offers very tight targeting, no wastage and offers the same accountability that has resulted in online advertising growing like crazy in the last few years. All that’s needed is a way to connect the buyers and sellers and there you are.

Of course, the next problem to manage will be how a professional media buyer manages the millions of potential blogs in the inventory. This will require a whole new skill set that doesn’t really exist right now.

As of this writing, eleven bids has brought the price to $51.00.

Good luck, Russell!

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I should really try this to sell me ads space in my blog! :p

2 - Farheen

I guess theirs no harm in it as long as blogs don’t get smothered with adverts, even if they are relavant.

I subscribed to google adsense, but i am scared to add it to my blog because i wan’t to keep it pure. Anyhow, i am new to blogging, so i guess i’ll wait a while and reanalyse.

Another step toward the wild world of ad-bitrage. Nice!