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January 30th, 2005

Alex Steffen of Worldchanging points to ‘a bunch of smartmobby discussions in Brazil these days’. Alex writes: “With the arrival of the WSF… might be some things in here which folks would be interested in…”

1) The world being what it is, and the blogosphere being what it is, it’s of course inevitable, yet pleasing, that a ton of people are blogging the simultaneous World Social Forum and World Economic Forum.

2) Among them is Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons founder and a very worldchanging guy in his own right, who blogs his trip to Brazil for the WSF.

3) TransformaMundo: Social Innovation, Brazilian Style Triggers for Innovation – New Models for Change and Social Entrepreneurship.

In a separate message Alex asks your attention for ‘Critical Theory, Network Politics, and “New” Media’ a course described in a syllabus for UC Berkeley which is, according to Alex, very much the future landing smack-dab on top of us…

Thank you Alex !

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