Open Source Disaster Relief – by Email
January 30th, 2005
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Taran Rampersad reports on WorldChanging about a new email service that advertises itselves as a service for the good guys!

In the undertitle to his posting Taran talks about ‘The Second Superpower – Cooperation, Politics and Activism’


Ippimail is an Open Source solution to an interesting problem: funds for disaster relief. By offering free email, such as done by Yahoo, Hotmail, Google and a host of others, Ippimail has a major difference. It’s goal is to raise a million dollars per day for charity. That’s certainly a worthwhile endeavour – and as a user, you get to choose which charity you wish to contribute to. Basically, you decide where the advertising dollars are spent, for a cause that you believe is worthwhile.

Ippimail aims to create a community where individuals raise funds for their favored charities on a day to day basis through using the site. It can also donate funds rapidly in response to world events, such as a natural disaster. A bit like ‘Band Aid’ at a moment’s notice.

The concept behind Ippimail: advertisers and marketeers will pay a great deal of money to place advertisements in front of exactly the right people.

Taran adds: “In a way, this becomes an insurance policy for the world paid for by advertising businesses. And it allows anyone around the world to advertise; and therefore it allows people from around the world to participate and make a difference”.

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