Mobile Search 4Info
February 8th, 2005

4INFO is a new mobile search service in the United States. The service gives a cell phone the power to get local directory and real-time information wherever one is. It’s a quick way to get the information when you want and need it. Any cell phone that is text messaging capable can use this free service without registration.

4Info beta offers the ability to test the service onscreen (i.e. from their website)

For info on local businesses, sports scores, movies times, flight updates, weather, comparison shipping, stock prices, and more.

How to Search for Local Directory:

1. Enter the name of the business (Starbucks) or the category of business you are looking for (coffee).
2. Add in a location. You only need one of the following: zip code, city, city / state, area code, or airport code (coffee 94109).

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