Will we read entire books online ?
February 26th, 2005

Michael Gorman, president-elect of the American Library Association, responds in the Library Journal to his critics speaking that “the Blog People read what they want to read rather than what is in front of them (..)”

Earlier Gorman opposed massive digitizing of entire books except in special cases such as references works. The LA Times featured his opinion on Google’s widely praised initiative to scan and digitize an enormous number of books from the libraries at Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and others.

read for more context info the Washington Monthly December 17

Gorman wrote, “Massive databases of digitized whole books, especially scholarly books, are expensive exercises in futility based on the staggering notion that, for the first time in history, one form of communication (electronic) will supplant and obliterate all previous forms.”

by way of Stephen Downes OLDaily

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