Powerful handhelds or feature creep artifact?
March 31st, 2005

Today’s Circuits addresses users who think their mobile phones are too complicated. Some quoted in the piece consider telco carriers to be the drivers behind increasing functionality, rather than users.

An interesting detail is the emergence of users preferring minimalist handsets:

[A] student at the University of California, Berkeley, said she was happy with her simple cellphone, a blue Samsung SGH-r225m, which came free with her T-Mobile service. She described it as the Atari of the cellphone world.

At a recent meeting of international students, a young Dutch woman asked if she could borrow it. “I pulled it out and her response was, ‘Your phone is so, well, primitive…'”

Nonetheless, “it works just fine,” Ms. Shaw added, “and I think I would get confused if I had a mini-computer type of cellphone. Too many choices and options.”

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