The British digital divide digs in
April 29th, 2005

Britishdigitaldivide2005.jpgThe growth of broadband connections in Britain has slowed to a crawl, suggesting the digital divide in that nation is even more persistent than was once expected. According to stories in the British press, broadband adoption has his a plateau.

The Oxford Internet Institute this month rushed out findings from its latest survey, for a public sector seminar. Professor Bill Dutton, the Institute’s director, said the headline finding is that internet access in Britain has plateaued, at 60%, barely moving from 59% in 2003, and that we are a long way behind the US and parts of Scandinavia. These findings are broadly supported by Ofcom – which intends to investigate this summer – and BT.

The rural-urban divide remains sharp.

(thanks to Jim Downing

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