Vote swapping site
April 30th, 2005

New Scientist has this article on a vote swapping site being used in the forth coming general election in the U.K.The article says that “vote-swapping sites are meant to answer the frustration created by the “first past the post” electoral system used in UK general elections and US presidential elections.Votes cast for a losing candidate have no further influence once the winner in a state or constituency is announced.” and “this online political matchmaking has its roots in the US.But ironically, while it has failed to make much of an impression there,it has already had an impact in British elections and could well do again next week”. “It’s an ingenious way of getting better value for your vote,” says Essex teacher Jason Buckley, who set up the anti-Conservative tacticalvoter,one of several vote-swapping websites,before the 2001 general election.

Voters empowered by internet swap shop

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