May 18th, 2005


A new First Monday article explores an educational experiment for collaborating with music online among remote schools near the polar region. Apparently, the experiment has been declared a success, in terms of getting remote students to be more enthusiastic about participation in school music programs:

“… [I]f they know I’m videotaping, like the other day when I videotaped, they were like trying to play everything at the correct time … trying to look really professional and things like this, and I must say, when they played the other day they were pretty good. And so I think that’ll be really good for them, you know performance–wise because they’ll … they’ll have that little bit of a boost there.”

“One parent said: ‘My child is always practicing for Thursday.’ It’s really great. So, all of a sudden, this Thursday event that we do is really motivating the students to practice. We have a session with one of the trumpet players from the National Arts Center coming up, and the students are practicing for him, … and so I mean, that makes it even better for me because they’re playing some of the music that they’re learning from me and they’re practicing for both of us, really. It’s a wonderful program all the way around. … [Y]ou’re enthusiastic about getting in there and learning what’s going on.”

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