Creepy mobile phone stories
May 31st, 2005

Cultures tend to respond to new technologies by creating creepy stories about them. The mobile wireless world is no exception, as we’ve noted here, with death-bringing cell calls in Nigeria and unsettling personal surveillance.

Today we have two updates on this theme. First, David Pescowitz at The Feature spots One Missed Call (Chakushin ari, 2003), a recent film from Japanese film fiend Takashi Miike, which concerns deadly mobile phone calls. One review observes that it’s not just the phone, but the network:

the object of dread is the cellphone – not any one cellphone, but the system of wireless communication itself, which becomes a kind of superhighway for the transmission of bad karma.

Pescowitz also spots an account of mobile weirdness from Radio Television Brunei, complete with mysterious mobile calls in the jungle, and the appearance of a horror movie icon on cell phones.

Second, the Dark But Shining blog catches a cinematic commercial for a phone company, using the haunted phone theme to get people to buy their VOIP plan.

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