Unleashing the spectrum
June 30th, 2005

“New technologies that use spectrum more efficiently and more cooperatively,unleashed by regulatory reforms,may soon overcome the spectrum shortage,”this Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Spectrum online article says.”We really don’t know yet how the coming age of spectrum abundance will reshape the market for communications services. But it’s tempting to speculate that as spectrum becomes ever cheaper, the wireless data and mobile phone markets will begin to look more like the computer industry. Both, after all, benefit from Moore’s Law.In this new world, services may be driven more by the cycle of new receiver technologies than by access to spectrum licenses, more by engineers and entrepreneurs than by lawyers. The broadcasting business might change in a similar fashion, with content becoming more like network applications, available for a price anytime and anywhere, rather than at a fixed time on one channel. And in a world of spectrum abundance, regulators will be much less important. Spectrum users themselves will play a bigger role in mitigating potential conflicts and in putting spectrum to its highest and best use. At long last, the epoch of spectrum scarcity will be over,”the article concludes.

The End of Spectrum Scarcity

Spectrum chart (pdf)

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