Australia out of phase with global traffic
July 4th, 2005

This News article reports that “scientists from the University of New England at Armidale in northern NSW,have concluded that Australia is “basically out of phase with global traffic”,based on initial statistics from about 40 monitoring sites around the world,in countries such as the US,Britain,Switzerland and South America”.The UNE research team leader Dr Robert Baker says “the configuration of the Australian network may be responsible for its poor handling of global traffic.Introducing broadband connections is a crucial issue for Australia.”In Sydney, the average broadband bandwidth is 1.5MB to 2.5MB, whereas in the US what they call broadband is from 2.5MB to 8MB”.Dr Baker “says even slight communication delays across time zones can have serious consequences,such as the potential exploitation of time differences in international stock market transactions”.

Our broadband ‘out of phase’

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