More time online in Singapore
July 4th, 2005

Singaporean youths spend more time speaking with their friends on-line than they do face to face (2.25 vs 1.07 hours a day)according to a poll held in February by global intelligence company Synovate.”A total of 5,754 people were interviewed from eight Asian regions,including Hong Kong,India and Malaysia.In Singapore,659 youths were polled.They answered questions about their habits,leisure time,media and brand attitude.The findings revealed that 68 per cent of Singaporeans aged eight to 24 accessed interactive communications when they used the Internet.In contrast,the regional average was only 50 per cent.These youths also spent an average of 2.25 hours on the Internet,compared with only 1.07 hours with their friends.Their peak surfing times were between 10pm and midnight,”this article says.

We prefer web chat to chit chat

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