Lenslinger: ‘The two-person news crew is an endangered species’
July 12th, 2005

Another perspective on citizen journalism, from TV cameraman and blogger Stewart Pittman by way of Cyberjournalist, who sadly, worries about the future of his profession.

14407587_251dab76f7_m.jpg “Blogger and TV cameraman Stewart Pittman describes the fascinating experience of shooting a building implosion while watching “personal journalists” shoot it as well — “the rabid bloggers, the plugged-in pundits, the citizen press corps – whip-smart individuals whose very nature drives them to post pictures, links and commentary on the sudden collapse before the dust even finishes settling over once fertile ground.”

From Tripod Row, the view’s indeed a little scary. Squinting civilians peering into tiny lenses , breaking bedrock principles of camera-handling with every unnecessary sweep and pan. No one expected the democratization of media to be pretty, but the attendant lens abuse is enough to break this cinematographer’s heart.

… Now, a new revolution is about to be televised. Tiny lenses are popping in the most unlikely of devices, powerful editing is just a laptop away and personal websites are racing towards critical mass.

The next ten years promise to feature a rapid breakdown of my chosen craft . Whatever new paradigm takes hold, it’s a safe bet the two-person news crew is an endangered species, driven to oblivion by technology and methods that are faster and cheaper, but not necessarily better.”

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