RFID in pajamas
July 19th, 2005

As part of its spring 2006 collection, Lauren Scott of California will launch a line of kid’s pajamas sewn with RFID tags. Readers positioned at the house doorways and windows will be able to scan the tags within a 30-foot radius, and an alarm will be triggered when boundaries are breached.

Parents can sign up to access a database that contains photos and information the parent may wish to provide law enforcement in the event their child is missing. Within seconds, the information can be transmitted to law enforcement or Amber Alerts

The company is also working on an active tag that can transmit signals up to 600 feet. This active tag would be inserted into vests, jackets or belts and leg-wraps for hikers, bikers, skiers, as well as law enforcement, government, and military personnel. It could help in the case of body recovery for identification purposes. If clothing were separated from the individual, the tag would give law enforcement information as to whom it belonged.

Via Nanoblog < Information Week.

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