A “Global Neighborhood Watch” for Terrorism?
July 23rd, 2005

Peter & Trudy Johnson-Lenz of Awakening Technology point to Global Neighborhood Watch, a provocative and somewhat disturbing 2010 scenario about “connecting the dots” in the fight against terrorism, written on June 20 by Bill McKelvey, professor at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, and Max Boisot, senior research fellow at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  
Citizens carry or wear explosive detecting sensors linked to the National Counterterrorism Center’s computers.  They call this a “socio-computational” approach to intelligence gathering and analysis.

An Orwellian futuristic scenario on how two network theorists imagine a country might enlist its citizens in fighting terrorists. They call it Global Neighborhood Watch. Just as a traditional neighborhood watch deputizes people living on the same block to prevent local crime, the global watch would turn participants into mobile intelligence gatherers, feeding data from chemical sensors or simply with their own eyes into a sophisticated, governmentrun system that would create hypotheses about what that data means.

P & T commented: “In light of the London bombings, it’s not hard to imagine how this kind of system would break down — timing is everything”.

(Thank you again Peter & Trudy !)

also see comments on Be The Media of June 27-28

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