Oliver Starr on SMS.ac abuses
August 9th, 2005

Emily, who was only doing her always exceptional job of reporting what’s new out there in the world of mobile phones and texting, inadvertently stirred up Oliver Starr to post in his Mobile Technology Weblog about the irony of SMS.ac launching a cellular bill of rights.

When I read over on SmartMobs that SMS.ac was launching a Bill of Rights for mobile users I almost fell off my chair.

This is a company about which DOZENS of websites have multitudes of individuals complaining of things such as spamming everyone in their personal address books, which they exposed to SMS.ac during what can only be described as a deliberately deceptive sign-up process where unsuspecting people, many of them young or speaking English as a second or third language unwittingly provide the username and password to their primary email accounts, thus making it possible for SMS.ac to scour their friends and family member’s addresses and solicit them with messages that look as if they come not from SMS.ac directly but from the known individual that subscribed to the service.

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