Solitary Mobility vs. Mobile Sociality
August 20th, 2005

Alex de Carvalho compares mobile phones and iPods in a question that reaches into the power of mobility: solitary or social?

“… most people chose to carry their mobile phone in their pocket and not an iPod / mp3 player (or for that matter, a compact camera.
Your choice depends on whether you value solitary mobility or mobile sociality:

* With an iPod while on the move, you create solitary mobility, by 1) signalling to people you are not available to socialize because you are wearing your headphones; and by 2) shielding yourself acoustically from your environment, by building your own private sound bubble (ie., listening to music).

* With a mobile phone, you achieve mobile sociality and can connect with the world while on the move, through voice, SMS, MMS, e-mail, internet access, etc.”

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