100Mbps service
September 6th, 2005

The Korea Times reports a company called “Powercomm now offers a 100Mbps service in apartments with optical local area network (LAN) and a slower 10Mbps in houses.The optical LAN-based speed of 100Mbps is like lightning,enabling customers to download a two-hour high-definition video file in less than 5 minutes.With a current 10Mbps-class connection,the video download would take more than 30 minutes”.While “Korea boasts the world’s highest per capita penetration of broadband with up to 12 million out of the country’s 15.5 million households hooked up to the always-on Internet.Established players downplay Powercomm’s scheme,contending the company is misinforming potential customers and saying that the new service would not hit a speed of 100Mbps”.

Operators Argue Over Internet Speed

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