Literacy of Cooperation Lecture Videos
September 15th, 2005

The edited videos of the Literacy of Cooperation lecture series from Stanford are now available:

  • Howard Rheingold and Andrea Saveri (48 MB)Small version (24 MB)
  • In this first lecture, Howard Rheingold places in historical context the emergence of increasingly powerful mechanisms for cooperation and Andrea Saveri outlines the project and where they intend it to go.

  • Peter Kollock (137 MB);  Small version (62 MB)
  • Peter Kollock lectures on strategies to avoid the social dilemma, covering the Tragedy of the Commons and Prisoner’s Dilemma situations.

  • Paul Hartzog (184 MB);  Small version (62 MB) 
  • Paul Hartzog lectures on institutions for collective action and the different approaches to the social dilemma, covering the story from Garrett Hardin to Elinor Ostrom.

  • Peter Corning (117 MB);  Small version (40 MB)  
  • Peter Corning lectures on the role of synergies in natural selection and why Darwin didn’t have a blind spot in understanding the value of cooperation.

  • Jimmy Wales (201 MB);  Small version (69 MB)
  • Jimmy Wales lectures on how cooperation works at Wikipedia.

  • Steven Weber (157 MB);  Small version (53 MB)
  • Steven Weber lectures on how open and closed systems together will shape the future of property and business.

  • Ross Mayfield (71 MB);  Small version (24 MB) 
  • Ross Mayfield lectures on emergent democracy, group forming networks, methods of pluralism, blogs, and wikis.

  • Zack Rosen (64 MB);  Small version (22 MB) 
  • Zack Rosen lectures on his project CivicSpace, formerly DeanSpace, and the future of emergent democracy.

  • Bernardo Huberman (118 MB);  Small version (40 MB)
  • Bernardo Huberman lectures on collective intelligence and cooperative problem solving through prediction markets.

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