eCall technology
September 17th, 2005

“All new cars in Europe are to be equipped with automatic emergency call (eCall) technology as soon as 2009, under an action plan agreed by the Commission and industry in February this year”,the eFinland Weblog reports.” In the event of a crash, eCall technology will call the emergency services – which can be reached throughout Europe under the single European emergency number 112 – at a ‘Public Service Answering Point’ (PSAP), and report your exact location. An eCall may be triggered automatically, or manually, by someone in the vehicle. Accurate location information will drastically cut emergency response time, thus saving lives and reducing the severity of the injuries. The Commission and the automotive industry agreed in February this year on an action plan aiming at introducing eCall in all new vehicles starting from 2009″.

Cars Will Dial 112 – But Will Anyone Answer? Commission Urges Member States to Act on eCall

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