Mobile and monitoring carbon stocks
September 20th, 2005

From the site.”Jeroen Verplanke describes the development of a mobile GIS unit to record and monitor the carbon stored in natural forests. Traditional communities around the world know how to manage their forests in a sustainable manner. With mobile GIS technology they can now apply that knowledge to measure and monitor the carbon stored in community forests, and thus may become eligible for project financing under the ‘clean development mechanism’ of the Kyoto Protocol, which aims at reducing global carbon emissions.For local communities to benefit from this funding in the future they will need to provide accurate, verifiable baseline measurements of the carbon stored in natural forests, as well as effective ways to monitor changes in carbon stocks. With this in mind, the University of Twente and the ITC have launched a research and capacity building project to look at how local knowledge and GIS technology could be brought together to meet the requirements of this international agreement, and to promote sustainable forest management”.

Mobile GIS and local knowledge in monitoring carbon stocks

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