The splog
September 20th, 2005

This article in Online Media Daily looks at the splog.”A splog is a spam blog,-that is, a fake blog that is created for the sole purpose of getting a high search engine “page rank” to reap profits through ad clicks, or to drive customers to an otherwise obscure e-commerce site. Just like e-mail spam, splogs don’t take a rocket scientist to create, but can be built by simple automatic scripts or programs that abuse services like Blogspot, Moveable Type, WordPress, or Google’s To keep itself alive, a splog will crawl the Internet using directories, search engines, RSS feeds, etc., collecting information to give the appearance that a real person is adding content. In many cases, this involves automated “theft” of original and often copyrighted content from other authors, without their knowledge, permission, or even attribution. There are lots of different kinds of splogs that have different ways to disguise themselves as real blogs, but commonly they contain key search terms repeated dozens or even hundreds of times”.

The Newest Front in the Online Wars: Splogs

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