Scape the Hood
October 12th, 2005

via San Jose Mercury News,
SF Chronicle,
and at the HP Labs website,

Scape the Hood debuted this past weekend, a collaboration between HP Labs and KQED where prerecorded sounds, music and narrative were cued by your GPS location as you walked along 3 blocks in San Francisco. It is part of the Digitial Storytelling Festival which has been running for 10 years. KQED’s 3 year old Digital Storytelling Initiative was a sponsor of the festival.

The experiment, called Scape the Hood, will transform a few seemingly drab city blocks into a landscape rich with sound, sights and stories. Using GPS-enabled HP iPAQ Pocket PCs and a location-based software platform developed by HP Labs, participants will be able to walk around the neighborhood and learn about its history and culture — and about impending changes to its character.

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