Roland’s Sunday Smart Trends #82
October 30th, 2005

Here is my weekly selection of articles that were not mentioned here — except if I missed them.

Roaming Messenger: hot presence application for emergency use

According to the author, this “new presence application could be key tool for smart mobs in a crisis.”
Source: W. David Stephenson blog, October 24, 2005

Network-based robots to debut next October

Koreans will be able to purchase feature-rich robots at reasonable prices — between $1,000 and $2,000 — beginning late next year.
The wheeled robots will offer such various applications as cleaning rooms, health-care programs, Internet connections, home monitoring or reading books while kids are sleeping.
Source:, October 27, 2005

Creating a better transmission system for deep-space applications

Recent advances in wireless computing technology could improve deep-space missions like asteroid research and remote spacecraft operations by changing the way signals are sent from Earth. A new method designed to effectively deliver commands and instructions using hundreds of millions of tiny transmitters linked together could also free the giant satellite dishes currently used.
Source: American Geophysical Union, via EurekAlert!, October 24, 2005

Heavy Rains Can Make More Dust in Earth’s Driest Spots

Typically we think of rainfall as cleaning the air by removing dust as it falls through the atmosphere and helping plants grow that protect and hold the soil. But a new NASA-funded study looking at some of the world’s dustiest areas shows that heavy downpours can eventually lead to more dust being released into the atmosphere.
Source: Mike Bettwy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, October 25, 2005

Selling green buildings with people power

The choice of building design can lead to boosted worker productivity and even higher test scores in children, according to building technology experts.
In studies, so-called green or high-performance buildings have shown to have positive effects on people, compared to traditional buildings, all while saving money on energy, according to experts who spoke on a panel at the Clean Tech Venture Forum conference on Wednesday.
Source: Martin LaMonica, CNET, October 28, 2005

IBM researchers take Axe to computer security

The Assured Execution Environment strictly controls what runs on a computer.
Researchers at IBM’s Almaden Lab have developed a way to keep those nasty worms and viruses from running on computers, without the use of antivirus software.
Source: Robert McMillan, IDG News Service, October 28, 2005

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