Are you OK ?
November 1st, 2005

“An innocent-looking cellphone from Sony-Ericsson also works like a remote bugging device”,New Scientist reports.’
It’s always good to know that a baby-sitter,elderly relative or child out late is carrying a cellphone. But it’s also worrying when they don’t answer a “just-checking” call.The new device provides a simple solution. Software on the handset checks the number of each incoming call against an address list, to see if the caller has been previously flagged. If they have, the phone rings in the usual way but switches to auto-answer after a predetermined number of rings. So the called phone becomes a live microphone listening to whatever is happening nearby.The device can also be remotely switched to speakerphone so that the caller can shout ‘are you OK?’ down the line and into the vicinity of the phone. If the phone has been set to voicemail, the caller can key in a code to override the diversion and force the phone into auto-answer mode”.

Cellphone chaperone

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