Google resumes book scanning
November 1st, 2005

via the Wall Street Journal

Google has said it plans to resume its book scanning project, after giving publishers a month to request that their books not be scanned. Google has focused the project on scanning books that are out of print and has assured that full pages of a text would not be displayed without consent from a copyright holder.

Through its Print Library Project, which was announced in December, Google plans to put millions of library books through digital scanners that record images of each page. It will use those scans to let consumers search for keyword phrases within the text of books and see relevant portions of the text. The program is separate from the Google Print Publisher Program, under which publishers give permission for Google to make their books available through its search engine, providing Google with scans or books for it to scan. With that program, publishers can request that Google display only bibliographic information or a small excerpt of the text to users.

thanks Biewald

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